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stevew2607's gameplay for Zen Pinball (PS3)

stevew2607 played Zen Pinball

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stevew2607 said...
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So it is about time that I actually put up a post that I played this game. I definitely like it, and when I just need a quick fix I turn this on and smack some balls. I haven't played this game in a couple of weeks, but I was playing a real pinball table at a bar over the weekend and got the itch. I decided to take it easy and just play El Dorado and I got my new high score. It is only 6.7million, but hey that is not terrible. If only the DLC tables were actually something I was interested in, because the overall game is fantastic.
Zen Pinball

Zen Pinball (PS3)

Genre/Style: Traditional/3D Pinball
Release Date: 14/MAY/09
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I haven't played in a while myselfe...but I would have to agree that Zen Pinball is a great game.
Maybe this will give you a little inspiration to go and wack a ball around for a little bit.
Since all i have played the last couple of days is facebook games I just might do that.
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